Want to prevent your SIBO from relapsing? This masterclass is for you!

Sign up to the Prokinetics Masterclass and get immediate access to learn how you can improve your SIBO treatment protocol and prevent it from relapsing with prokinetics. Get proven strategies from SIBO specialist Dr Allison Siebecker.

You will learn:

✳️ What is a prokinetic and how does it work

✳️ The difference between a prokinetic vs laxative

⁠✳️ Why we should use a prokinetic⁠

✳️ How prokinetics help to prevent SIBO from relapsing

✳️ How long we should stay on a prokinetic

✳️ Which prokinetics should we use⁠

✳️ How we know if a prokinetic is working effectively⁠

✳️ Risks and contraindications of using a prokinetic

✳️ How to use a prokinetic to control SIBO symptoms

✳️ And so much more!

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